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It was a pleasure to welcome parents to our second Assessment without Levels information evening. There was a strong feeling of parents and teachers working together in partnership ... so thank you to everyone who came along.


The feedback was very positive - below are just a few of the comments we received:

• 'Very good’

• 'I now have a better understanding of the new National Curriculum’

• 'I knew about assessing without levels but now understand the depth of it’

• 'Quite a lot of useful information shared'

• 'It is now easier for parents to understand'

• 'Good idea'

• 'Found it interesting'

• ‘I welcome the change, it seems to be a better system’

• 'Fab- will be easier to assess where she is and what she needs to work on’

• 'The new report system every half term is fantastic- as parents will be kept informed of progress throughout the year'

• ‘It’s really good to know that all the pyramid schools are working together on assessment so that the transition to high school is a smooth one’


We also received some helpful comments about what more support and information parents would like.

This included:

     • The half termly progress reports to include a commentary on any specific areas that the

       child is finding difficult so that parents can support their learning at home.

     • During parent consultation evenings, parents to be given a copy of grades for each area

       of the subject   .


Over the coming months we will also be holding more focus evenings with more detail on Y2 and Y6 SATs.


The powerpoint presentation from the Assessing Without Levels information evening can be viewed below.



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Tuesday 20th March :

Parents Invite: EYU & KSI Lenten Fundraiser Coffee Morning     09:15 - 10:30

Wednesday 21st March :

Getting to Grips with Grammar 09:15 - 10:30

Thursday 22nd March :

Parents Invite: KSII Celebration Assembly  14:40 – 15:00

Friday 23rd March :

World Poetry Day

Friday 23rd March :

Year 1 Assembly


Monday 26th March :

EYFS Palm Sunday 14:00

Monday 26th March :

Year 3 Palm Sunday 14:30

Tuesday 27th March :

Year 1 Zacchaeus 14:00

Tuesday 27th March :

Year 4 Last Supper 14:30

Wednesday 28th March :

Year 2 Last Supper 14:00

Thursday 29th March :

Year 6 Agony in the garden 14:30

Thursday 29th March :

Year 5 Team A Stations of the cross 9:30 am

Year 5 Team B Stations of the cross 10:30 am


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