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Welcome back after the Christmas holidays! We hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas / New Year and are looking forward to the academic year ahead.


Year 1 Staff :    Class Teachers :                           Miss K. McGowan & Miss B. Goodall

                        Higher Level Teaching Assistant : Miss H. Ellis

                        Support Assistants :                     Mrs. A. Tuck & Miss C. Bruines


Our topic this term is ‘Blast Off!’

This topic will give the children the opportunity to be space explorers and find out lots of interesting facts about the universe. They will have the chance to design and build a rocket, carry out scientific investigations and learn about the planets. They will also learn about the first moon landing and create a fact file about Neil Armstrong.

(See topic plan for full details)


In R.E. the topics are Families and Celebrations and Following Jesus. Through these we will learn about what it means to be part of a family and how we become a member of the church by receiving the Sacrament of Baptism. We will then go on to learn about Jesus and his disciples and the events leading up to his death on Good Friday. This will lead us in to our Easter celebrations.


In Mathematics we will be continuing to learn our number bonds to 20 and how to use the four operations. We will continue counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and will be exploring the properties of shapes. We will also be looking at time and learning how to tell the time to o’clock and half past.


In English we will be continuing to improve our sentence writing skills by practising and applying our phonics, using correct punctuation and experimenting with the use of conjunctions. We will be writing stories, lists and diary entries using Talk for Writing. This enables the children to explore a range of texts in depth by participating in drama activities.


In Science we will be learning about humans and animals. Through this, the children will have the chance to further develop their observation and investigation skills. They will have the opportunity to look at different animals and their features in various habitats and comparing this to humans adapting to different environments, e.g. space.


Physical Education (P.E.) - is on a Wednesday and Thursday. Some children are consistently not bringing their P.E. kits to school. Please ensure your child has a white t-shirt, blue (or black) shorts and a pair of trainers for outdoor use, which they should leave in school. All P.E. kit must be labelled clearly with your child’s name. As an optional extra, a dark coloured pair of jogging trousers and a jumper can be used throughout the cold months, when we are outside.  As always, the only jewellery permitted in school is a pair of plain small studs and these must be removed for P.E. for safety. Staff are not able to remove them or cover them, so this will result in your child not taking part in our P.E. lesson.


Please ensure your child has a P.E. kit in school at all times.



Homework - this will be given out on a Friday and MUST be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday.


Children will have two independent reading books which will be brought home once a week and MUST be returned to school on their reading day.  Reading records will be given to the children for parents to fill out as and when their child reads during the week at home. There will be three pieces of homework; English, Phonics and Maths sent home.


Thank you for your support with this.





Miss K. McGowan & Miss B. Goodall

Year 1 Teachers


In RE we have been discussing the Annunciation; when the angel came to visit Mary. Today we painted pictures of this to help us re-tell the story.


Skipton Castle

On Monday 13th November year 1 went on a trip to Skipton Castle. The children had the opportunity to explore the castle and listen to amazing facts and stories from their tour guides. We went inside a medieval kitchen and banquet hall, we went to the top of the watchtower and we even went down to the dark dungeons! It was a fabulous trip enjoyed by all and we discovered lots of new and interesting information for our topic!

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