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Year 1 - Autumn Term Curriculum


Welcome back after the summer holidays! We hope that you have all enjoyed your summer break and are looking forward to the academic year ahead.


Year 1 Staff : Class Teachers: Miss K. McGowan (1M) & Miss B. Goodall (1G)

 Support Assistants: Miss C. Bruines & Miss A. Warrington


This term we are looking forward to lots of new and exciting things.

Our topic for this half term is ‘Who’s the King of the Castle?’

We will be focussing on different Fairy tales.  This will be a lovely theme for us to explore

using talk for writing and from this we will be able to create our very own fairy tales.

(See Topic Plan for full details)


In R.E. this term we will be focussing on ‘God’s Great Plan’ and ‘Mary Mother of God’. Throughout this topic, we will explore the creation story, think about God’s wonderful creations and investigate the events leading to Christmas. We will also be thinking about what makes us special and what ways we can share God’s love and message with those around us.


In Maths - This term we will reinforce children's basic numeracy skills, by counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, number bonds to 10 / 20, addition and subtraction up to 20, sharing and grouping. Activities such as number bond bingo / challenges, sharing sweets evenly (division), cutting sandwiches / cakes into halves and quarters, ‘What’s the Time Mr. Wolf’ and following recipes, are just some of the fun ways in which this can be achieved.  We will also be looking at the four calculations. To help your child with this, it would be useful for you to encourage them to tell the time to o’clock and half past, asking them to recite pairs of numbers that add up to 10 or 20 and discussing how we can share things such as sweets fairly.


In English - We will be reading and re-telling a variety of fairy tales for example, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, etc. Throughout reading you can help your child by asking questions such as; which is your favourite character?  Why?  Where is the story set?  What do you think will happen next?  One fun way to encourage writing at home, is to ask your child to write their own version of the story.  When doing this, please support your child in using their phonics skills to sound out words carefully and to use full stops and capital letters. Another way to encourage this is to write a letter to their favourite character within the story.  Prior to this you may take the role of a character and allow your child to ask you questions or vice versa.


In Science - We will be learning about 'Materials'. You can help your child's understanding by discussing what different materials feel like and their properties and looking at different ways these can be sorted. We will also be looking at Seasonal change throughout the year so it would be lovely to discuss the changes that we can see around us as we come in to Autumn.


Physical Education (P.E.) - will take place in both classes on Thursday morning, so children must ensure their P.E. kits are in school ready to be worn on those days. A P.E. kit consists of: a white t-shirt, blue (or black) shorts, and a pair of pumps (indoor use) / sports trainers for outdoor use, which they should leave in school.  All P.E. kit must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.  As an optional extra, a dark coloured pair of jogging trousers and a jumper can also be worn when we are outside / during the winter months.


In addition, the only jewellery permitted in school is a pair of plain small stud earrings. Due to Health and Safety, pupils are not allowed to wear earrings for P.E., so please ensure your child can remove and replace their earrings as staff cannot do this.  If they have just been pierced they must be made safe, i.e. taped at home and additional coverings sent in case of loss during the day to prevent injury during the lesson. The taping should be sufficient to prevent the stud post penetrating the bone behind the ear. If taping is not suitable for the lesson, then your child will miss out on P.E, and an alternative task will be provided for the child.

Homework and Reading– Homework and an additional piece of phonics work will be sent home every Friday evening. Homework is to be returned by the following Wednesday in order for children to be awarded Dojo points.


Please send in your child’s reading book on their allocated day written on their book bag and we will change your child’s book once a week or when they have finished their book. Please remember to write in your child’s reading record to acknowledge you have listened to your child read. It is also very important to check your child’s understanding when reading. Finally, please remember to access Bug Club once a week.


Assembly  -  We will be having a joint Year 1 assembly on 20th October 2017, 2:30 pm

Additional letters will be sent out with regards to the following:

• School trips, Christmas Presentation, etc.


Thank you,

Miss McGowan & Miss Goodall

Year 1 Class Teachers

The Annunciation

In art today we drew pictures of Mary when the angel came to visit her.

Skipton Castle

On Monday 13th November year 1 went on a trip to Skipton Castle. The children had the opportunity to explore the castle and listen to amazing facts and stories from their tour guides. We went inside a medieval kitchen and banquet hall, we went to the top of the watchtower and we even went down to the dark dungeons! It was a fabulous trip enjoyed by all and we discovered lots of new and interesting information for our topic!


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