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Welcome back, we hope that you have all had a lovely Easter break and are looking forward to the summer term.


Our topic this term is ‘Woeful World War II’. The topic will extend through many subject areas including literacy, history and geography. It will particularly give children a great insight to what life was like during the Second World War.


In Numeracy we will be focusing basic skills, shape and problem solving (further information can be found on the topic plan).  To help your children you need to provide your children with opportunities to practice their times tables, recap on using the four basic operations, and encourage problem solving relating to real life issues, using with money and measure as an example. We would also ask you to encourage your children to tell the time, using both analogue and digital clocks.


In Literacy we will use real life and fictional stories from the war to help children develop a greater understanding of what happened and the effect this had on the people involved.  We will debate the arguments for and against evacuating the children to the countryside and write letters and stories describing the experiences and feelings of evacuees. As parents / carers you can support at home by helping your child to complete homework relating to our class work and pointing out descriptive writing encouraging discussions around why it is a good piece of writing. You could also do some research on the war with your child using the internet or your local library.


In Science we will be learning about sound and experimenting with different types of sound and how we can alter the way we hear them. At home children could be thinking about finding out the answers to the following questions to get them interested in the topic. Can you hear louder underwater or in the air? Do all animals have ears? If not, how do they hear? Can plants hear? Why do people talk to their plants?


In R.E. the topics are ‘The Bible’ and ‘Trust in God’. Parents are encouraged to start discussions with children relating to these topics focusing on key terminology and its meaning.





Thank you


Mr Cameron and Mr Haigh (Year 4 Class Teachers)












As part of our work on Egyptians we researched. designed. made and decorated Egyptian death masks.


The children worked alongside a "wet felting" expert to create fabric images of the "eye of Horus"



During science lesson we have been learning about electricity and have built and tested a range of series circuits.


We designed a prototype torch using a simple circuit and push to make a switch.


As part of "Jesus the Saviour" topic in R.E. children have drawn scenes from Holy Week around the cross.


Orienteering work in P.E. culminated in n Easter Egg hunt in the school grounds, in which the children had to produce a map and then hide cones for another grooup to find using their map.

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