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Year 6 - Autumn Term Curriculum


Welcome back after the summer holidays! We hope that you have all enjoyed your summer break and are looking forward to the academic year ahead.

Year 6 Staff : Class Teachers: Miss N. Marray, Miss S. Hayes & Mr. D. Hutton

 Higher Learning Teaching Assistant Mrs. J. Moore

 Support Assistants: Mrs. K. Oakley, Mrs P. Halloran & Mr. R. Mallender


Year 6 acts as a transition year between primary and secondary education, so there are several members of staff working with the children in a variety of subjects, similar to Year 7 onwards.

There will be two classes: Miss Marray’s class and Mr. Hutton’s/Miss Hayes’ class. The classes will be supported by Mrs. Oakley, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Halloran & Mr. Mallender.


Our topic for this term is ‘Journey’.

During this topic we will be looking at different types of journeys. We will be looking at immigration and how to adapt to a new way of life and a new culture. The topic will extend through many subject areas including English, Humanities, Art and Design & Technology.

Our topic will use many skills learnt throughout the term resulting in children writing their own diary entries, stories, narratives, newspaper reports and poems.  Children will have the opportunity to use their artistic skills this term along with their designing skills to plan and design Bronze Age shelters/ weapons as well as investigating an artist and creating cave paintings. This is a very exciting topic drawing on many skills with lots of fun and meaningful activities enabling this topic to be stimulating and fun.

 (See topic plan for full details)


In R.E. we will be exploring ‘The Kingdom of God’ and ‘Justice’. (What it is? God’s gifts, Miracles, what’s fair and unfair? etc.) There will be an opportunity to contribute to Act of Worship sessions and fully immerse themselves in the spirituality of the school. At home, encourage discussions with children relating to these topics focusing on key terminology and its meaning.


In Maths - we will be focussing on the four operations and how the various methods can be used to solve reasoning problems. (Further information can be found on the topic plan).  At home, please encourage regular Maths games involving dice, mental calculation of numbers and money, practical use of Maths in shopping and especially, to learn their times tables. Make it relevant to the real world.


In English - we will be focusing on a book called ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan as this will link nicely to the Journey topic. It is a wonderful picture book that allows the children to drive the narrative through a variety of genres such as, narratives, diaries, newspaper reports, stories and poems.  At home, please encourage regular reading of fiction & non-fiction. Promote a love of books and try to allow your child to be given the opportunity to discuss the texts. Through discussion at home, encourage them to develop their vocal expression in their written language. ‘They have to be able to say it before they can write it.’


In Science – our topic is ‘Creeping Critters’ – finding out about animals and plants and how they adapt to different environments specifically mountainous regions. In addition, we will look at animals, including humans and the effect exercise can have on our bodies. At home, encourage their curiosity in the world around them so that they ask questions and seek to find the answers to everyday events.


Physical Education (P.E.) - will take place in both classes on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, so children must ensure their P.E. kits are in school ready to be worn on those days. A P.E. kit consists of: a white t-shirt, blue (or black) shorts, and a pair of sports trainers for outdoor use, which they should leave in school.  All P.E. kit must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.  As an optional extra, a dark coloured pair of jogging trousers and a jumper can also be worn when we are outside / during the winter months.


In addition, the only jewellery permitted in school is a pair of plain small stud earrings, which should be removed for safety reasons for P.E.  It would be appreciated, if you could kindly remove them on each morning of P.E. and Fridays.  We are not able to remove them or cover them, so this will result in your child not taking part in our P.E. lesson.  Long hair must be tied up.


Homework - will be given out each Wednesday and MUST be completed and returned by the following Wednesday this gives the children enough time to see their class teacher if they are struggling. The purpose of this work is to consolidate the learning from class and to prepare them for more intensive homework at high school. It is therefore extremely important that this work is completed. Any children who fail to bring/complete their homework on Monday will have to complete it during their playtime. If a child does not complete their homework three times in a half-term a letter will go home and they will not be able to attend the end of half-term treat.

School trip  -  this term we will be going to Robinwood Activity Centre on the 8 - 10th September.

Assembly  -  We will be having a joint Year 6 assembly on Friday, 29th September, 2:30 pm.

Additional letters will be sent out with regards to the following:

• School trips, Christmas Presentation, etc.


Thank you




Miss N. Marray, Miss S. Hayes & Mr. D Hutton

Year 6 Teachers


In pairs we worked on different calculations and discussed how we reached our findings



Who knew 6M were this flexible......


In pairs we worked on whiteboards to create a variety of sentences using the box plan that we completed from the previous lesson. We used Alan Pete sentences, such as, 2A sentences, The more, the more, BOYS, as a/like a and outside (inside). We shared these as a whole class and edited them to make them better which followed the top tips. We got there in the end so well done everyone in 6M!

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