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World Book Day


Arts Day 2017

Mayor's Visit

Sports Day 2017

Joe Wicks Workout

Sums and Buns

Science Week

Pedestrian Training

Sports Day 2017


The whole school took part in the annual sports day.

Joe Wicks Workout

Here at St. Paulinus we take exercise seriously to promote healthy body healthy mind. We've adopted the Joe Wicks workout so we can join in with other schools throughout the UK.


This 20-minute workout is suitable for everyone. You can do it at home and there’s no equipment needed; if you’re unsure about your fitness, speak to your doctor first. It involves short bursts of really hard work, followed by periods of rest.


The circuit

You’re going to do 30 seconds of work, followed by 30 seconds of rest. Take more rest if you need to: focus on the intensity while working.



Running with high knees

Keeping a nice straight back, jog on the spot, lifting your knees really high and pumping your arms as you run. Keep going for 30 seconds.



From a standing start, put your hands on the ground and kick your feet back so you’re in a press-up position (make sure your back is straight). Jump your legs forward so they’re near your hands, then jump up in the air. That’s one burpee. Do as many as you can in 30 seconds.


Power squats

Like star jumps, but with an exaggerated wide squat at the bottom, with both arms and legs bent, and your elbows touching your knees. Keeping a straight body, lift your arms either side of your head, elbows bent. Then jump your feet apart, bending the knees, before jumping back. It’s all about speed.


Mountain climbers

Put your hands on the ground, legs behind you in a press-up position; make sure your back is straight and your bum isn’t in the air. Now run your knees in to your chest in turn.

A workshop for parents to come into class and sit with their child to learn the mathematical methods used in school.

This was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by parents, teachers and children!


All parents who attended ‘Sums and Buns’ were asked to comment on their morning in school. Here are some of the wonderful comments!


“Really enjoyed the maths morning, think it helps the kids and encourages them to learn, it’s really good that parents get to join in too!”


“Really welcoming staff”


“My boys are really happy here and are learning so well”


“Love the bible sayings around the school”


“I can’t fault anything, both my kids love it!  I’ve learnt a lot in the maths lesson and feel it will help me with homework and helping my son with it”


“Lovely welcoming atmosphere as always”


“Lovely school, safe environment for my children.  Love spending time in class and seeing them in a classroom setting, learnt a few different techniques that will help”


“Fantastic school, always things going off for parents to get involved.  Really enjoyed it, learned something”


“It’s a lovely school.  I found the maths was explained so the children could understand”


“Teachers are very approachable and dedicated.  Really enjoyed the interaction with the teacher and the pupils”


We were overwhelmed with the positive comments we received from parents.  We are very proud of our children and our staff – they really allowed their talents to shine over the morning.  Every comment we received was positive so we will be continuing with our parent workshops throughout the year as we can see they are a really positive experience for both adult and child – not to mention the adults can get a lovely tasting bun at the end!

Thank you as well for the suggestion of making a handout for parents to take home – we will work on this over the coming months.

Thank you for your continued support of our school, we look forward to seeing you at the next parent event!





Science Week

The whole school took part in Science week measuring air resistance, making parachutes and launching rockets. We also had a visit from Professor Brainstorm.

Our class 1 C learnt all about the solar system

The making of the solar system by 1C

Pedestrian Training

They were many great outfits but we could only choose one winner and our lucky winner dressed as Mary Poppins deservedly received a book.

This years winners 3C and 4C

Arts Day 2017

On Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th July local artist David Booth came into school to do some art activities with all the classes. EYU decorated Elmers, Year 1 painted underwater sea animals, Year2 made paper sculptures and self portraits. Years 3 and 4 made large spider webs, Year 5 completed a Lowry painting and Year 6 made bridges and then tested which was the strongest! A couple of very busy but fun couple of days!



Mayor of Kirklees visit by William & Julia  (Year 6)


On Monday 13th March, the Mayor of Kirklees, Mayor Cllr Jim Dodds BEM & Mayoress Mrs. Carol Dodds came into school.  They picked a child to be the mayor, and dressed them so they looked like the mayor.  They used a napkin looking tie that the mayor would use to wipe his mouth.  They put on a red cloak because in the olden days red was a rich colour and it was easy to spot in a large crowd.  They also wore sleeves so that the mayor doesn’t get dirty.  The mayor’s “James Bond” (who was actually called Steve), talked about the special clothes, how he protects the mayor and what he does for the mayor.  The mayor had a gold necklace to represent that he is the mayor.  We then asked the mayor questions.


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