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E – Safety Guidance for Parents


Managing your media: A guide to protecting your children in a digital world

Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, has developed a series of short guides outlining the parental controls available for various types of technology, which may be of interest to any parent with youngsters receiving technology gifts this Christmas:


Launch of Vodafone Digital Parenting Guide

A comprehensive guide to support parents and carers manage and engage with their children's digital worlds


Facebook Guidance

Guidance provided by St John the Baptist Primary, Southampton


BBC Webwise

This site has interactive tutorials and information about all aspects of computer and internet use.


Bullying UK

The UK's leading anti-bullying charity. In the last eight years the charity's website has become the number one resource for people finding reliable information on a variety of bullying issues.



Kidsmart is an award winning practical internet safety programme website for schools, young people, parents, and agencies, produced by the children's internet charity Childnet International.


The Family Resources Web site

Provides easy-to-understand insights on Internet safety issues. It includes a straightforward Family Online Safety Advice booklet which can be downloaded.


Know it All for Parents

This is a parents guide to the Internet - the information on this website is also available as a CD ROM. It provides general information and guidance on using the internet.


London Grid for Learning esafety support for parents

LGFL have provided useful information and resources on Engaging Parents Carers and the School Community in eSafety. It includes helpful hints on sharing the message with parents and materials to help with running a parents workshop.


Own Your Space - Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online

A free book on esafety which tells teenagers (and their parents) everything you need to know about esafety.

Download full book (12mb PDF)


Facebook - a parents guide

Everything a parent needs to know to understand their child's use of facebook.


Mobile phone and internet safety

Orange have produced a guide to mobile phone and internet safety which includes a down loadable guide for parents. The guide offers advice on how parents and children can safely get the best out of mobile phones and the internet.


Bebo safety

Bebo Safety is designed to help educate young people, parents and teachers about the safe and positive use of Bebo a social networking site.


Family e-safety kit

Includes a comprehensive guide to online safety which aims to ensure that their children can work safely on the internet and that parents are more aware of what their children are getting up to.


Young People, Music and the Internet

Worried about your children downloading music and want to know what's legal? This site has all the information you require.


ThinkUKnow - purely for Parents

This site contains factual information on safe use of the internet aimed at parents.


Childnet leaflet for pupils

Childnet leaflet for pupils to understand how to stay safe on the internet.


E – Safety Leaflets for Parents


Ofcom have produced two guides for parents who may be worried about their children accessing the internet through their mobile phones or games machines.


Parental controls for mobile phones leaflet


Parental controls for games consoles and portable media players


A guide for parents and carers on mobile location-based services


A guide for parents concerned about Cyberbullying



Childnet leaflet for parents

Childnet leaflet for parents to understand how to stay safe on the internet


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