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Parent Information


This page provides key information for parents. There is also further information throughout the site.


Most information for parents can be found in our school prospectus. Please contact the school office if there is something else you would like to know and we will be happy to help.


Supporting your child at home

Homework provides children with the opportunity to consolidate what they have been doing at school, building firm foundations for the next steps in their learning. It also provides parents with an insight into their child’s progress. It is important that all children undertake their homework regularly, whether it is reading every night or learning weekly spellings and timetables.


Safeguarding and Child Protection

At St Paulinus Catholic Primary School, the staff have a duty of care to keep children safe from harm. All employees receive Safeguarding and Child Protection training. The Designated Child Protection Officer is Headteacher Roxanna Drake. For more information about our Safeguarding arrangements please read the school policy.



We believe strongly in the link between good attendance and doing well at school. We do everything we can to ensure every child on our roll is supported and encouraged to attend regularly so that they can maximise their potential.


We have an advanced tracking system for monitoring the attendance of all pupils. Good attendance is suitably rewarded and pupils with attendance issues are highlighted and dealt with at an early stage. In addition to class teachers a whole host of other staff support attendance in our school.



There are occasions during the school year when the school wishes to take photographs or make a video/media recording of your child or children taking part in a school activity.


Occasionally the press and media ask us if they can include our students in stories about the school and programmes including the school. We also like to display photographs of our students success and work around the school, in brochures and within the school prospectus. St Paulinus school will ensure that photographs and images of children are taken in such a way as to protect the personal integrity of each child and the ethos of the school.



If you have any suggestions or concerns, please contact school using the send us a message on the contacts page, or email office@stpaulinus.org your comments are valued.



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Thursday 5th July :

Parents Invite : EYU & KSI Celebration Assembly 14.40 - 15.00

Friday 6th July  :

Summer Fair

Tuesday 10th July  :

Sports Day for EYU  9.30

Tuesday 10th July  :

Sports Day for KSI  13.30

Wednesday 11th July  :

Sports Day for KSII Years 3 & 4 9.30

Wednesday 11th July  :

Sports Day for KSII Years 5 & 6 13.30

Thursday 12th July  :

Parents Invite : KSII Celebration Assembly 14.40 - 15.00

Friday 13th July  :

Parents Invite to leavers mass and year 6 performance 9.30/13.30

Sunday 15th July  :

Church Summer Fair

Monday 16th July  :

Celebration Evening 15.30-17.00

Friday 20th July  :

End of year mass 10.30

Last Day of academic year

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