"Inspiring all to live, learn and love in the light of Jesus"

"I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life." John 8:12

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Thursday 5th July :

Parents Invite : EYU & KSI Celebration Assembly 14.40 - 15.00

Friday 6th July  :

Summer Fair

Thursday 12th July  :

Parents Invite : KSII Celebration Assembly 14.40 - 15.00

Sports Day for EYU  9.30

Tuesday 10th July  :

Sports Day for KSI  13.30

Tuesday 10th July  :

Sports Day for KSII Years 3 & 4 9.30

Wednesday 11th July  :

Sports Day for KSII Years 5 & 6 13.30

Wednesday 11th July  :

Parents Invite to leavers mass and year 6 performance 9.30/13.30

Friday 13th July  :

Church Summer Fair

Sunday 15th July  :

Celebration Evening 15.30-17.00

Monday 16th July  :

End of year mass 10.30

Last Day of academic year

Friday 20th July  :



The month of Mary

St. Paulinus Day

Harvest Appeal



Advent 2017




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Advent Prayer booklet

Remembrance Day

On Wednesday 8th November, the whole of Year 4 spent the morning in Dewsbury town centre at the Town Hall and Garden of Remembrance. We attended a special service, said prayers, planted crosses and even met the Mayor. It was a very special morning and we learnt a lot about the importance of Remembrance.

May is the month of Mary


Dear parents


During the month of May our year four children will be bringing home our May prayer bag to share with their families.


If you would like to take part in the prayer with your family you can download a copy of the May is the month of Mary prayer booklet now.

Click here to download the Month of Mary  prayer booklet

St. Paulinus Day School Mass

The whole school celebrated mass on St. Paulinus Day and our year 4 students told us about the history of St. Paulinus' journey to Dewsbury.

Harvest Festival 2017

What a fantastic festival and celebration we have had today!  KS1 and EYFS made me so proud this morning with their amazing singing and confident speaking.  Every class has shared their learning and all the children made the staff and visitors smile from ear to ear with their performances.

KS2 put on a brilliant show – with amazing singing and confident performances.  The Mini Vinnies were fantastic at leading us through our assembly and I really enjoyed hearing about the different things the children had learned about Harvest.


I was so proud of how the children performed and they were a fantastic audience when watching the other classes.  Every child was a credit!


I want to thank all the children and staff for their hard work in developing their class performance and I look forward to the next festival we can celebrate altogether.


Another huge thank you has to go to all the families that have donated food for our collection, I am overwhelmed with the generosity and can’t wait to share it with our two charities.  Our hall looks amazing – what a great achievement!



A huge thank you to all the Mini Vinnies who have been helping all week to gather in the donations that have helped to create our wonderful display.



Thank you to all parents and grandparents who managed to attend KS1/EYFS or KS2 Harvest festival today, it meant a lot to the children that you were able to attend.  Your feedback is fabulous and I have picked out a few to share below. For those of you who were unable to attend, we have also put together a highlights film for you to have a look at.

Thank you for the continued support of both the school and our wonderful children,

Miss Hayes

Deputy Headteacher





Candlemas celebrates Jesus being presented at the Temple, 40 days after his birth.  It is here when he meets Simeon who calls him “the light of the world”.  Even in His early days, Jesus was seen as special.  We decided to celebrate Candlemas at St Paulinus because our Mission Statement is “Inspiring all to live, learn and love in the light of Jesus” .  We ask each one of our children to let their light shine, just as Jesus brought light and hope to our world.



I have been so impressed with the children when celebrating

Candlemas – they have all been a credit to our School and are

ready to share their light with others.


What a fantastic service held by EYU and KS1.  The children worked so hard on practising their lines and knowing when it was their turn to come out and this shone through at the Candlemas service.  I was very impressed with our younger children, especially 1M who led our service and took us through the journey.  1P shared their bidding prayers with us and helped us to have a moment to reflect on the reading.

Class 2O shared their art work linked to the story and also told us what they had been thinking about when learning about this story.  Their confidence shone through as they showed us what they had learnt at the front of our hall.  Class 2I retold the story, and had a group of children acting it out, to share it in a number of different ways.

I was also impressed with EYU who performed a song to the audience, even with the technical hitch they carried on regardless, and the children shared some excellent ideas on how we can share our light with others.  Their confidence shone through and I am going to try and share my light in the same way.

I’d also like to thank all our visitors today – it was lovely to see so many of you supporting our children.  Your comments were wonderful to read and share with the children and we have picked out just a few to share with you:

“Lovely assembly, the kids did great.”

“Really lovely assembly. I can see how hard the kids have practised.  Lovely, well done.”

“Beautiful service – thank you.  The choir sounded lovely. Thank you for inviting us.”

“Lovely seeing so many kids being involved in the assembly”

“Lovely assembly. Children very well behaved. Beautiful choir singing.”

“Amazing assembly, well done to all the staff and children.”


Well done EY’s and KS1 – a wonderful service that made everyone very proud.



KS2 were fantastic.  Their singing was beautiful and every class presented their work with real confidence and professionalism.  I was very proud of our children as they taught us about what Candlemas means and how we can act in our everyday lives.


Class 4C were superb leaders.  They knew when to stand up,

read with confidence and organised passing the microphone on

to the next person.  They were confident in leading our service

and had clearly practised their lines.



Class 5S gave us some excellent ways in which we could share our light.  Will you try to share your light this year by being a good friend, helping others and bringing hope to those in need?

Class 4H shared their rendition of “This little Light of Mine” with great confidence!  They worked hard and it was very hard for us to not clap along.  Well done 4H!

A boy Class 6D came forward and shared a poem linked to Candlemas and children from Class 6M led us in our bidding prayers.

Class 3C were superb at telling us the story of how Candlemas came about.  I was very impressed with their acting and their confidence.  Excellent job Class 3C.

Class 3N shared their art work with us and talked about what they had found out about the story.  They told us how their work represented what they had learnt.

And class 5M performed a dance for us while we listened to Simeon’s song.  The children were so good that this brought a tear to my eye as I reflected on the story.

A big thank you to all our visitors as well.  Visitors really make our services special for the children and we are thankful that you could come and watch them.  All the comments from KS2 were positive and here are some of them to share with you today.

“Absolutely fantastic singing and presentations.”

“Very well presented.”

“Kids had clearly learned  their lines.  Good communication skills and obviously they are all better singers than me!”

“Well done to everyone. Very well read and lots of effort ”

“Very well presented, children very good, could hear every word.  Well done, proud of them all!”

“Beautiful singing and great presentations from everybody.”

“Lovely assembly as always!”


Well done KS2!  A wonderful service, amazing singing and, as usual, you made us very proud – well done to staff and children.



HCPT Hossana, Childrens, Pilgrimage, Trust

HCPT is a charity that was set up 60 years ago to take children with disabilities, and varying needs on pilgrimage to Lourdes in the South of France every Easter. I am the leader of Group 74 - The local Dewsbury group and we take 7/8 children from our school and other schools in the Dewsbury area. Whilst we are in Lourdes we visit the shrine where Mary appeared to Bernadette, we light candles for our loved ones, we take part in the torchlight procession and we have chance to go in the baths. We also have a day at Gavarnie in the mountains and the seaside at St. Jean De Luz. The children have a fun packed week and have lots of happy memories.

In the Easter holidays we went to Lourdes(France), with the HCPT group. On the first day we went to the grotto where St. Bernadette saw Mary and our group lit a candle for people who are sick. After Mass we has a treasure hunt where we had to find different groups and signs.  We also went up to the mountains of Garvarnie where we had lots of ice cream .


On the last day we had a trip to the beach and at night we took part in the candle light parade which was very touching and very emotional as we said our goodbyes to Lourdes.

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